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Summer Fashion Want List

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It’s officially the first of summer! But unfortunately, here it’s been raining non-stop bringing mugginess and frizzy hair. However, that will not stop me from shopping and creating a list of fashion wants of course!


The first thing on my list is belts. Recently, I've been loving belts. I think belts are such a cute addition to an outfit and can really add a little something-something to an outfit. Belts can be so amazing to cinch the waist! I especially love to add a belt to a t-shirt button-down dress, just to add a little shape to an outfit.  Belts are so versatile and will always be in style, so you can honestly never go wrong with a belted look! Some people I love who have been rocking the belted look are Tess Christine and Aimee Song. These women have influenced my current fashion want list for this summer!

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Moving on to dresses. Dresses are such an easy thing for the warm weather season.  Button-down dresses are trending as always, and again a reoccurring thing here is that they are so easy to throw on! You can easily add a belt or layer on jewelry to make this look more dressy or even more casual. Some may think that dresses are for a formal event, but really dresses can be so casual and easy to dress down. You can just add a pair of your favorite sneakers and call it a day, that easy!


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Next up on the list are polka dots. Polka dots polka dots polka dots, try to say that ten times fast! Anyways, yes, polka dots are the trending pattern this year. Of course, I gotta say that I am not mad about it. Polka dots are my absolute favorite thing right now, and I have too much of them in my closet. So naturally, I added more of this print to my fashion want list. You can't go wrong with a blouse it's timeless, so I am telling you that you need a polka dot blouse. You can wear this to work, a night out, or even running errands. Going with this blouse is this polka dot ruffled A-line skirt. I love polka dots obviously, but the shape of this skirt is so so cute and the ruffles adds cute details to the look!


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Next, for pants. For the longest time, I have been looking for pinstriped form-fitting pants and never have been able to find the best one for me. I think these pinstriped pants are so cute and versatile and you can wear in any season. I don't know if you have noticed but for me what I look for in clothing is for versatility which I think is so so important.  


Finally, for accessories.  I have never really been into hats, so I would never really call myself a hat person, until this past year. A big trend this past fall has been berets/ train hats. I love this trend. But unfortunately, it did take a while for me to up to it because at first I honestly didn't love it. Which now I do, and has been on my list for a while now.  Moving on to another type of hat, that I don't necessarily know the name to is also on the top of my list. It is more of a summer hat with a flat brim and is the best to throw on when you have a bad hair day!

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