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Why I Am Over Fashion.

Fast fashion, what is it? Fast fashion emphasizes the production of fashion trends quickly and cheaply for the consumer. For example, Forever 21, H&M, Primark and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover of Forever 21 and those brands I mentioned above. However, I’m sure it’s not just me, but I am so tired of fast fashion.

I’ve gone through the cycle of investing my time and money getting these trendy pieces, for a good price. Remember when choker lace-up shirts were such a big hit a few years ago? Yes me too, I  was a huge fan of the trend, but then the next season they were out and I haven’t worn those pieces since, in fact, I donated them. That cycle just repeats every single season, a new trend comes in and the next is out. It’s exhausting. I’m constantly getting rid and then buying new pieces in replace to keep up with the fast fashion trends.

I’m becoming less enthusiastic to buy into these trends. I don’t wear half the clothes in my closet because they are considered “out of style”, so one of my goals this year is to clean out my wardrobe and create a somewhat sustainable and minimal wardrobe to get away from fast fashion.

These are the steps I’m taking to create a more functional and timeless wardrobe

01 Evaluate

Evaluate the items you wear all the time & the ones you don’t. I have a clothing rack where I hang all my favorite sweaters, coats, etc on, and I realized that I rarely go in my closet to pick out an outfit. Instead, I only wear the pieces on my clothing rack. But why do I only stick to those few particular pieces? Because they are timeless, neutral, and will always be in style. I just rotate that wardrobe weekly and just style them differently. Which for me made me realize that I have sooo many items of clothing that I don’t wear and need because they are cheaply made (so they get worn out fast), use up space, and just don’t make sense to have. Leading up to my next step.

02 Cleanse

Clear out your wardrobe of pieces that you haven’t worn in a year. For me that ended up being a lot of the trendy items in my wardrobe, things like those choker lace-up tops or a really and I mean really cropped cropped tops (don’t get me wrong I loved cropped sweaters, shirts, anything but they aren’t really timeless). Get rid of pieces that are out of style, on the trendy side, and that is not the best made. I know that this can be really difficult to just throw out a lot all of your clothes.  But just think about the weight being lifted from your chest after cleansing out years and years of trends and clothing styles you lived through. You don’t have to get rid of ALL your clothing just the ones that have no use and provide sustainability in your life.

03 Re-Evaluate

Now that I have and hopefully you as well did a deep cleansing of your closet, it’s time to look at the pieces you now have and the ones you don’t. What I mean is do an overview of the major, core, and sustainable (key word in this post) items that you need. The Essentials. For me, I love writing and putting my thoughts down on paper. So I suggest to break it down into for sections, each for one season. From there write down the items you do have and the items you need. ( I will be creating a post for the key items you need for a minimalist wardrobe) For example: for winter I have a leather jacket, multiple pairs of good denim, and a wool scarf. But what I do need and see that fits into this wardrobe is a brown camel coat. Just like that, break things down into categories and write it down, create mood boards, it should be fun not stressful.

The whole point in getting rid of my clothes is to create a wardrobe where I don’t have to worry about being out of style, and where I am able to invest in nice pieces that will last me a lifetime, not a season. I want to create sustainability. Don’t get me wrong I will still shop at Forever 21 and maybe get a trendy piece. But the difference is I won’t invest in many, and it won’t make up the majority of my closet like it did in the past.  I'm learning to be more aware of the products im buying and how long they last and feel, it will be somewhat of a lifestyle change, but i'm ready for it, and I hope you will be too.

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