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A Shopping Guide to Thrifting

Let's say you go to the mall or your favorite store. You find all the things you ever wanted, but then you look at the price tag. Then BAM. Your heart falls. Of course, for a basic top, it's twenty dollars. Yup and those pair of jeans you wanted are eighty. Queue the sighs. You tell yourself to put back all of the beloved pieces you wanted and walk out the door. Yes, I know how this feels. It sucks, seriously. Clothing seems so overpriced nowadays. But, I come bearing a solution. Thrift stores.


Now, now before you say "Ew gross, used clothes?!", it's actually a good way to save money and find cute clothes. Yes, I said it. You can find cute clothes at any used clothing store. For me, I like going to Goodwill. Just with the right mindset, you can find a lot of stuff.  Trust me.


A Shopping Guide to Thrifting- Another Thursday


First things first. Don't be afraid to go over to the men's side, okay Ladies? They don't bite, because the first thing I do when I walk through the door is I head to the men's side, towards the t-shirts. I do this because the men's section seems to have more graphic t-shirts, than the women's section. Finding a graphic tee in the men's section is so so so easy, you can find one every time no joke. Once you have found the shirt you want, a really common thing to do is to crop the t-shirt. Don't get me wrong I love doing this too, but if I find a large really oversized tee I turn it into a dress. To make this graphic look less like a men's shirt and more like a woman's dress, I take a belt to give me more of a figure instead of a straight boxy look. I think belting this look off gives off more of a unique look instead of cropping it. I'm telling you, try it out!

Side Note: I also like to tuck the oversized tee into shorts or a skirt too!

A Shopping Guide to Thrifting- Another Thursday



You may or may not have this piece already in your closet but it doesn't hurt to have more! A classic blouse is so easy to find, and you can definitely find it at any thrift store.  Which is why I decided to pick one up. When I'm thrifting for clothes, I look for pieces that I can style in multiple ways (as you might have noticed). Blouses are really universal for business wear and casual wear, you can tuck it in or tie it up (which is personally what I like to do). By tying the two ends of the blouse together it gives off that trendier, beachy, 90's look.

A Shopping Guide to Thrifting- Another Thursday


Next up for bottoms. Usually, I try to look for a pair of jeans that I can distress, but instead, I found this skirt. Usually, it's hard for me to find bottoms at a thrift store because it gets overwhelming sometimes. But, this time I was successful. Since summer is slowly leaving us, I decided to look for fall colors like greens, and reds. As a result of doing this, I was able to find this army green skirt. When I first picked up this skirt it was at an awkward length. So I decided to cut off an inch and fray it in order to match with today's look. Which really did make all the difference.

A Shopping Guide to Thrifting- Another Thursday


When I'm looking for items at a thrift store, I think to myself how I can style it in my everyday wardrobe, and how I can alter or distress the piece to fit my style. I also try to look for colors that I can see myself wearing or like. This helps to narrow things down, instead of sifting through every single piece in the store. By taking these steps, I believe that it has helped me find all the good pieces I've found at a thrift store, and the success I've had there. By following these tips, I am sure that you guys can become successful too! Goodluck in all your fashion adventures.