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How to Stay Stylish in the Summer Heat

How to Stay Stylish in the Summer Heat- Another Thursday

Hey guys, welcome to Another Thursday with me! I'm sure you guys have noticed that spring has somehow slipped away from our fingers and that the summer heat is among us. Although it isn't officially spring, it definitely feels like it's long gone with summer in tow. In the summertime, I personally find that I never know what to wear because it is so hot outside, and I have no motivation to wear something remotely trendy or fashionable. But this year, I have changed this cycle and have decided to step out into the heat with a fashionable cute outfit while staying cool. I am sure that you guys can also relate that when the sun is scorching hot you just want to throw on athletic shorts and top and call it a day. But not this year!


How to Stay Stylish in the Summer Heat- Another Thursday

While I was out shopping, naturally I was browsing through many clothing racks and I mean many. I finally found something that caught my eye, which was a two-piece set. Needless to say, I was a little wary of this, because usually, two-piece outfits do not usually work out for me because of my height. But anyways, I decided to give this outfit a chance because I see many girls pull off this look and look amazing. Fast forwarding to the dressing room in Forever 21, I fell in love with this two piece because I feel like I finally figured out the way to stay comfortable and cool in the summer heat and its this outfit!


Two pieces are the easiest thing to throw on and you don't have to worry about matching the shirt with pants and vise versa the outfit is already made for you (and of course you can always mix and match the top and pants with different pieces from your closet). This two piece set is from forever 21 and you can find similar pieces at urban outfitters, revolve, or even h&m!


How to Stay Stylish in the Summer Heat- Another Thursday

I am telling you that these sets will change your summer outfit game. It's easy to throw on, it's effortless, and you can wear it to about almost any occasion like weddings, running errands, the beach, get-togethers, etc. I wore this outfit to go hang out with my friend and walked around town getting ice cream and enjoying the warmth, and it was so comfortable and breathable in the heat while being stylish at the same time. I threw on some tortoise cat sunglasses (similar ones linked here) and layered my favorite gold necklaces from urban outfitter  Also with this outfit, I paired it with my go-to brown wrap around sandals from Nordstrom, which are out of stock but you can find similar ones here.