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Say Hello to This New Denim Trend of 2018

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I don't know about you, but I have been LIVING in Mom jeans, and the year before that skinny jeans. Don't get me wrong, I love skinny jeans and they will always be popular. But, once Mom jeans hit the runways, I just could not resist. I feel like everyone has their own perfect pair. These jeans probably won't ever go out of style, and the vintage feel of the 90's is still a pretty big trend. I personally love this fit of denim because it's form fitting in all the right places but also gives you a relaxed feel. Additionally, this pair of denim is very accommodating to showcase any shoe- a sneaker (my personal go to), a flat, a stiletto, and so much more!


Although everyone everywhere is obsessed with mom jeans, it's only natural for the next denim trend to roll around. With that being said, the next denim trend is *drum rolls please*... very relaxed, ankle covering, slightly flared denim silhouettes! Yes, now I am still very much in love with my beloved Mom jeans, but I think we are all in need of some change. Now in the past couple of years, the 90's was a huge inspiration in the fashion world. But we are now headed to the early 2000's and 1970's vibe where we saw straight cut denim and a flared/ boot cut look.  


Yes, now when you think early 2000's you might think, very low rise stomach bearing jeans. Honestly, this time around I don't think this will be the case. I love highrise anything, and I personally do not want to see these go. But I believe that these new silhouettes will still be highrise, just slightly lower on the hip reflecting the 1970's era of fashion.


Recently, we have seen hip-hugging jeans, but unlike those trends, this denim is not meant to be skin tight. Also, this new trend is meant to graze the top of your foot, compared to the ankle grazer denim we've seen before.  In conclusion, this new denim trend of 2018 is intended to give an even more relaxed and comfortable feel designed best when paired with a nice pair of booties! Check out where to shop this trend below!

Say Hello to This New Denim Trend of 2018 - Another Thursday

Grlfrnd Carla flare jeans, $248,

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ISABEL MARANT ÉTOILE, Cabrio cropped high-rise wide-leg jeans, $280

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