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The Art of Perfume

Wearing fragrance is an art. It may seem like you just do a little spritz there and a little spritz there and your done. Nope it goes much deeper than that, it’s an art and to me it’s a form of elegance. It requires a little more tedious attention from you in your daily routine. For example, did you know that rubbing your wrists together after applying perfume is such a no no? Or that there’s certain pulse points to apply fragrance? However, first, let me discuss the different types of scents and how that may affect you.

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Perfume Types

Note: More fragrance & less alcohol = more $

Parfum: highest fragrance concentration & less alcohol = lasts the longest around 8 hours of wear

Eau de Parfum: has the next highest fragrance concentration after Parfum= lasts around 6 hours of wear.

Eau de Toilette: one of the most popular fragrances available, and has a 5%- 15% concentration of fragrance =lasts around 3 hours

Eau de Cologne: has around 2%- 4% concentration of fragrance= lasts around 2 hours

Eau Fraiche: similar to Eau de Cologne, instead of containing mostly alcohol it contains mostly water = lasts around 2 hours.  

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Perfume Notes

Citrus: essence of citrus fruits, these perfume scents are very energetic.  

Floral: my personal favorite, these scents are sweet and girly. Are generally combined with various flowers to create a feminine and beautiful smell.

Spicy: notes of cloves, ginger, cinnamon, pepper and other spices, easily stays with you throughout the day.

Woody: woody scents are more unisex than any other scents and use base notes of moss ect.

Fruity: familiar scents of apple, peach, pears and so on, bring a lighter sweet scent simple to floral.  

Oceanic: evokes natural aromas such as mountain air, ocean air, and clean clothing. This scent always comes of very fresh and beautiful.  

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The Art

Don’t Rub- Dab

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of times women apply a fragrance to their wrist and proceed to rub them together. By doing this, it dilutes the fragrances notes, and changes the length of time the scent could stay on your skin. Instead dab your wrists together lightly, or just spray the perfume and let the scent dry on your skin.

Apply to Pulse Points

Spray your fragrance to your pulse points not your clothing. Your pulse points are places where your pulse can be felt. In this area it’s best to apply scent due to the warmth of your blood. Your might of heard some say “apply perfume places where you want to be kissed”, yes these are your pulse points such as behind your ears, throat, wrists, inside your elbow, and behind your knee.


It’s common when you use a guests restroom to see that they store their perfume in the restroom. Yes, at first glance that would make sense. However, perfume doesn’t like going from hot to cold, this messes with the fragrances chemicals making the scent smell off. So I would suggest you to move your beloved scents to a sustainable tempered room.

Find Your Scent

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different scents from floral to spice. It’s important to remember that everyone’s body chemistry is different, so Marc Jacobs Daisy might smell amazing on your best girlfriend while on you, it might not be your favorite scent.

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I can’t leave the house without misting myself with perfume. I feel like I’m missing apart of my outfit if I forget this vital step. Perfume changes the way I feel in ways that I can’t even fathom. It makes me feel confident, beautiful, and like I’m ready to take on the world. Getting complimented on the scent your wearing, is such a different compliment then one is used to. It feels much more genuine and personal, than any other superficial compliment. Perfume holds a power and a personal experience that makes it hard for one to describe, but for one to easily love.