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Why You Need This in Your Summer Closet

Why You Need This in Your Summer Closet-Another Thursday

Hey guys, happy happy Thursday! It's another thursday with me, and this week I went to an art museum. Besides fashion, I love art and it was such a fun time going and observing the many pieces of art. Although, I did come for the art of course it never hurts to wear a cute and fashionable outfit and take some photos.


Why You Need This in Your Summer Closet #4- Another Thursday

I believe last week, I got this dress from Forever 21 (linked here). I was on the scout for a dress that I can just throw on and where anywhere, and so far that's proven true! This is definitely my fashion favorite for the week, and I love how it comes with a belt of the same pattern. Like I said in my last blog post “Summer Fashion Want List” linked here, that belts are the best because it can add another detail to an outfit and it cinches the waist.

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So yes, I highly recommend this dress its light and easy. This dress is a brownish orangey color that creates a grid pattern. I love throwing on a pair of sneakers some of my fav are Vans and Adidas linked here and here!

Why You Need This in Your Summer Closet - Another Thursday


So my goal for you next time you go to your local mall or online shopping, is to look out for the summer dress that you can where all season long. I am telling you that you definitely can not go wrong with this. For me personally, I am all about having fashion pieces in my wardrobe that is timeless, versatile, and just overall easy and comfortable. That's my motto. I highly HIGHLY suggest that you should consider those points the next time you go shopping! Lastly I would appreciate it if you commented below and told me how your next fashion adventure goes!