Another Thursday is another day for new beginnings. With a niche for fashion, Another Thursday shares her own creative style with other fashion lovers. Through sharing her own tricks & tips to styling her wardrobe, we’ve have been able to create a tribe of fashionistas.

With a background in art and fashion, Another Thursday was able to combine the two into fashion illustrations. Fashion illustrations is an art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form. Provided with a visual, a drawing is created using gouache and illustrator markers, to bring the clothing and person to life.Come to find out that these illustrations are at a high demand. Why, you might ask? Well, these fashion illustrations can be customized upon yourself or your loved ones! They can be a great keepsake of a bride & groom, showing off you or a loved ones personal style, or even a family photo! These fashion illustrations make a great gift or even card.

Not only does Another Thursday provide great keepsakes and fashion advice, but you can purchase clothing here too! You can purchase lightly used/ never worn before pieces that will become a staple in your own wardrobe.

Here at Another Thursday, our mission is to provide you a place to learn, share a passion, inspire, and provoke happiness. Another Thursday is for new opportunities and of course for new beginnings.


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